Thursday, 20 December 2012

Triumph motorcycles - still going and still cool

These days Triumph, threatened with extinction in 1983, has been reborn thanks to John Bloor, a clever and hardworking businessman who started life as a plasterer and was so successful that he ended up with enough cash to save Triumph's bacon. John Bloor bought Triumph when it went into receivership in 1983 and, using clever planning, saved it's bacon so that nowadays bikes roll off the Hinkley production line to order and Triumph is still a cool as it was in the day of Steve McQueen and not consigned to the scrap heap like so many other great marques and manufacturers...

Simon Pavey to race for Husqvarna in the Dakar Rally

“The Dakar is a real challenge, a real adventure, full of massive unknowns and risks, but that´s what makes it great to ride.”

Husqvarna UK is sponsoring the legendary racer Simon Pavey as part of the UK based Team Delta Kunststoffe Husqvarna UK, to race in the Dakar rally on 5th - 20th of January 2013. Riding a specially adapted Husqvarna TE449, this will be the ninth time Simon, who has already achieved an impressive seven finisher's medals to date, has raced in this epic off-road enduro event.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Unusual Motorcycles

It may not surprise you to hear that this book (does what it says on the tin) is about unusual motorcycles!  We are all familiar with the modern motorcycle in all its many and various forms, but what we don't necessarily realise is that there were many prototypes and ideas during the evolution of the motorcycle which were very different.  In this book the French author Francois-Marie Dumas has researched and dug up some of the most weird and wonderful experiments and prototypes from the early days of the motorcycle when the design was still fluid and anything was possible.

Sean Emmet to race for Team Classic Suzuki in South Africa TT series

Sean Emmet - Former Suzuki 500cc GP rider will be riding a 1976 Suzuki RG500 Mk6 in the 2013 three-round South Africa Class TT series which will be running throughout January and February.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Motorcycle helmet law for women in India

Motorcycle safety campaigners are taking the Delhi government to the High Court over the issue of women pillion passengers wearing crash helmets when riding on the back of motorcycles.  The government is so far opposing moves to make wearing a helmet compulsory, as it is unpopular with some women who do not want to have their hairdo ruined by wearing a helmet! 

Monday, 17 December 2012

Rockstar Energy Suzuki signs Julien Lieber

Rockstar Energy Suzuki Europe has signed Julien Lieber for the 2013 World MX2 Championship to ride alongside Briton Max Anstie.

The 18 year old Belgian - who made a brief appearance for the team in 2012 with some promising results when he replaced injured Petar Petrov - will also contest the German ADAC championship and a number of other international events.

BMW and Boeing are collaborating on carbon fibre

BMW and Boeing are going to collaborate with the manufacture of carbon fibre and the research into recycling it. They plan to share manufacturing knowledge and explore the opportunities for automation in the manufacturing process.  Both companies use carbon fibre extensively in their products and are pioneering the use of this material so a joint effort between the companies makes sense.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Aftermarket, Genuine, OEM, Pattern parts - what's the difference?

If you have ever felt confused about the difference between Aftermarket parts, Pattern parts, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts and Genuine parts then, worry no more, lose no more sleep, here is your definitive definition!

EU drops proposed new motorcycle Road Worthiness Test

From a press release from the FIM:

EU proposals for a new more comprehensive MOT might now be put on hold and not applied to motorcycles after all, for the next five years at least. The new Europe-wide ‘Super MOT’ or Road Worthiness Test (RWT), has already been rejected by France, Sweden and Holland.

Voltcom joins FIXI Crescent Suzuki for 2013

Latest News from the Suzuki Press Office...

Voltcom Group have joined the British based FIXI Crescent Suzuki 2013 World Superbike team.

Voltcom Group is primarily in the electrical services business, providing services to the UK's electrical transmission and distribution networks, from low level projects through to the National Grid.  They include amongst their clients: Scottish Power, Balfour Beatty Group, Yorkshire Electric, AMEC and Babcock International to name but a few.  The Voltcom Group also has an international presence in Australia, Italy, Spain, Russia and India - all countries which are involved in the Superbike World Championship.  Voltcom also runs a fleet of specialist helicopters through Voltcom Aviation, providing a reliable service to customers in challenging environments where planes cannot operate.

Safety first

FIXI Crescent Suzuki is pleased to have the opportunity to work with a company which also regards safety as a main priority.  It is this 'stay safe' ethos that FIXI Crescent Suzuki and the Voltcom Group are looking to promote as they join together for the 2013 Superbike World Championship.

Mark Wright - Voltcom Group, Managing Director:

"The Voltcom Group is very pleased to be entering into a completely new area with its sponsorship of motorcycle racing and the FIXI Crescent Suzuki World Superbike team. The Voltcom Group is fast becoming a global name - just as World Superbike already is - and the fit with a premium team that cares for safety as much as we do was a major factor in our decision to get involved. The technologies involved in top-level motorcycle racing are similar to the ones we use in power and aviation industries, so it was all quite a natural fit. We are delighted to be associated with such a friendly, forward-thinking and competitive team as FIXI Crescent Suzuki. We are looking forward to the 2013 season and working with the team as they go all-out to get back to winning ways."


Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The Long Ride Home - Motorcycle Diary

Here is a motorcycle diary adventure story which you might want to think about for Christmas.  It's the story of Nathan Millward who was born in Mansfield in the UK, and who decided, on the spur of the moment, to travel home from Sydney Australia back to London on a 105cc Honda retired Australian postbike which he named Dorothy.

The journey took Nathan nine months and covered 29,000 miles and eighteen countries.  Like all truly spontaneous adventurers, he set off on a whim, with no planning and only two days preparation before he left, equipped simply with a 'one day at a time' philosophy. It is refreshing to find someone who just up and went without any planning for the adventure of a lifetime, it makes it all just seem that bit more do-able for anyone.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Volvo - a new safety concious driverless car

Driverless cars have been very present in the news this year as the technology moves forward in leaps and bounds. There is another player in the field now as advances in driverless car technology are in the offing from Volvo who are hoping to have a driverless and crashless car on the road by 2020.  This car will be able to drive itself and will refuse to crash - it will have sensors so that if you attempt to drive it into a tree or over a cliff it will say NO or, in the words of ABBA, that other famous child of Sweden - "You owe me one!" 

Monday, 10 December 2012

Ten Tors Motorcycle Road Trial

Last weekend saw the Ten Tors Road trial take place in the beautiful green Devonshire countryside starting at Littlehempston near Totnes.  The event is a fun road trial which happens annually in Devon, and attracts one hundred and seventy-five riders of mixed ages and abilities from all over the UK, riding anything from classic to modern off-road motorcycles.

Riders aim to travel between stages cleanly without picking up any penalty points - you can gain a maximum of five penalty points for each stage.  The next part of the event which the riders have to complete is a Special Test which is a lap of the indoor track at the Wheeldon Off Road Centre - the rider who completes the fastest lap of the Test Centre and has the least penalty points out on the road is the winner of the event.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

George Silk and his Silk Special motorcycle

George Silk, was a lifetime Scott motorcycle enthusiast who worked for Tom Ward's Scott motorcycle factory in Derbyshire in the 1960s. While working there he developed and built a new motorcycle with a tuned Scott engine in a Spondon frame. This is the story of Silk and his speedy, if pricey motorcycle as he went into production with it the 1970s.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Honda motorcycles - from tiny acorns...


Honda motorcycles is one of the great motorcycle success stories of our times, started by an entrepreneur with a dream who just had a great idea and the courage to put his ideas into practice. Soichiro Honda, who was born in  November 1906 in Hamamatsu Shizuoka, started his interest in all things mechanical by helping his father who ran a bicycle repair business - a fact which undoubtedly later helped him in the development of his own business. He was obviously an enterprising boy and set off for Tokyo when he was fifteen to look for work, only returning home to start his own business when he had learnt a trade as a garage mechanic. 

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Motorcycle Sand Racing in Mablethorpe

North Sea Facing

The calendar had just nudged its way into December, and the temperature display in the car read minus two degrees when I set out; ideal for a trip to the seaside. The destination? Mablethorpe.

They were not hard to find; camped on the beach below the sea wall, with a dazzling winter sun shining on this colourful motorcycle tribe, anticipating a day's sport.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Interesting visitors - Yamaha SR125

A Yamaha SR 125 motorcycle - a little monster in fact - was spotted visiting our shop in Southwick last Thursday...

Come again soon!