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Final Friday at the Manx GP


And Finally...

And Finally the big exciting last day was here at the Manx Grand Prix - the culmination of a fantastic week of racing - bit lumpy and bumpy due to some inclement weather and rocks and fog and rain and floods - but all in a day's work for Manx Grand Prix racers and all part of the general excitement which goes with the event.

Classic Superbike

John Barton before the race in the thick of it

Conditions were good for racing on Friday, although the Clerk of the Course had warned riders of some slippery patches at Laurel Bank, Black Dub, Quarry Bends and Ramsey Hairpin. John Barton, who was sponsored by Wemoto and riding his Suzuki GSXR which he took to the podium last year, was away first with a brilliant start in the Classic Superbike race. Unfortunately after such a flying start, his bike developed an oil leak which fountained up over his windshield so he had to retire at Crosby Crossroads - luckily 'allegedly' very near to his local pub!

It was Michael Dunlop, who, despite having trouble firing his bike at his start line seventh position, eventually triumphed, achieving his sixth title on the Mountain Course and this third win at the Manx Grand Prix - not bad going!

Dunlop was following Russ Mountford at first, but had reduced Mountford's lead to five seconds by Glen Helen, and then Mountford's Suzuki Blew up on the third lap obviously putting him out of the race! At this point, Wemoto sponsored Mick Godfrey, on his Kawasaki was in third place, with Dan Kneen and Alan Oversby making up the top five.

Dan Kneen at the start

Pit Quit

Unfortunately Dan Kneen, also sponsored by Wemoto, was forced to quit in the pit lane with brake problems - not what you want on a slippery Isle of Man race course - there were gremlins in the machinery that day - Dunlop was quoted as saying that he had to complete the race with only three gears working for most of it! He also said that he had carburettor problems - sounds like he was having a bit of a Nigel Mansell moment!


Wet Play

Champagne shower on the podium
Rain was forecast at Glen Helen on the fourth lap, so Dunlop, rather than blowing his bike up, eased off to take the win with a time of 1:20.27.51 (112.545mph) leaving Godfrey an outstanding second and Alan Oversby taking the third. Godfrey's bike was built by Alf of Alf's motorcycles in Worthing - so well done to Alf as well!

After the race, Dunlop dedicated his win to Trevor Ferguson who lost his life in the SuperTwin race on Wednesday, saying:

"I would like to dedicate this to Trevor. I want to give that one to him he was a top man."
Brilliant race by Mick Godfrey

An exciting an eventful race was had by all and watched by Wemoto staff who enjoyed every exciting nail-biting second of it!

 Senior Manx Grand Prix


 It was Newcomer Spitlath Redmond BSB's John Simpson from Antrim, who triumphed on his Triumph in the Senior Manx Grand Prix. As reigning British Supersport Cup champion he was the first person to win on a Triumph since 1948. Although Wayne Kirwan was leading by a minute going into the fourth lap as the weather was closing in, Simpson posted a lap of 22:41.88 to overtake him. Dennis Booth, who had been leading by almost forty seconds at the Bungalow, came off at the 33rd milestone and had to be airlifted to Nobles.

Senior Manx GP - The view from the Gooseneck


Junior Post Classic

Castletown racer Chris Palmer led the race at first on his 250cc Yamaha, posting a new lap record of 20:12.59 (112.015mph) but had to retire on the third lap leaving Richardson a clear field to zoom into first place.




Flying on two wheels 

This is what Roy Richardson said about it:

"Chris [Palmer] was flying and when he retired I knew I had a big lead. I just kept it upright after that. It's great to win number ten." 

Richardson finished 1 minute 20 seconds ahead of Phil McGurk with Brian Mateer coming in third. It was his tenth Manx GP win and he is now only one behind Bob Heath the event's overall winner.

Wemoto staff watched the end of the day's racing in a group with Dan Kneen and Slick from the great location of the Gooseneck. By the third lap they could see the rain coming in over the mountain - a famous hazard of the mountain course - and when it started to come down there were about 17 accidents with 14 riders needing to be helicoptered off - not for the faint hearted!

Flying on two wings

Bye bye IOMGP
Final highlight on the way home Wemoto's Sam managed to blag a lift in a tiny little Piper PA28 plane travelling home from Isle of Man to Shoreham Airfield in Sussex - bit scary but lovely aerial views of the coast and no xray machine or shoe check!

   Winging it - this was the emergency exit.......
The plane was really small and so was the pilot!!




Wemoto were proud to be sponsors of such a fantastic epic event as the  Festival of Jurby and such amazing races and racers - looking forward to next year!
Coming into Shoreham - Wemoto from the air!

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