Thursday, 30 August 2012

More from Wemoto at the Manx

500cc Classic Grand Prix

The 500cc Classic Grand Prix opened the racing at the Manx Grand Prix yesterday on Wednesday 29th, followed by the Formula Classic.  Riders were, as usual warned that there might be a few showers so to keep their eyes open for damp patches. From the start Ryan Farquhar on his Paton was away out in front and controlled the race all the way through. He was already riding with a 20 second lead ahead of Olie Linsdell by the first timing point at Glen Helen with Chris Palmer behind them on his Matchless in third place.

Palmer's opening lap timed at 22:41:58 which kept him in Podium position just a couple of seconds behind Linsdell.  Farquahar pulled in to the pits on the opening lap with a lead of a minute and 12 seconds which he had increased to 44 seconds by the second lap.

Roy Richardson who had been giving them a run for their money, retired at Hawthorne, leaving Farquhar - who had a final race time of: 1:27.10.91 – (102.198mph), Palmer and Linsdell, to take the top three podium positions.

Formula Classic

Dave Madsen-Mygdal on his Triumph was first to Glen Helen in the Formula Classic race, with an opening lap time of 23:05.39 (98.043), closely followed by Mark Parrett's BSA and Alec Whitwell's Honda in third.

The top three held their positions until the last lap when Alec Whitwell was taken off at Ramsey and went to Nobles for a check up, which moved Adam Ward up to third position.

Dave Madsen-Mygdal, having led throughout the race, achieved his win with a great time of 1:31.21.84 – (99.111mph) which was closely followed by Mark Parrett who clocked 1:32.37.04 and Ward with an overall time of 1:49.51.32. It was a particularly sweet victory for Madsen-Mygdal as it was his first race victory around the mountain course.





The SuperTwin and Lightweight races


As Sponsor of both these races, Wemoto's representative Sam Carpmael got to start the races and present the wreaths to the winners, what an honour ! Here's a picture of him and Ross Johnson - who is obviously about to hit him with the trophy!




Nigel Moore won his first race and took the honours in the SuperTwin Race.

There was some excitement at the start of the SuperTwin race when Phil McGurk who was one of the favourites before racing started, broke his gear lever and had to start from the back of the grid. Despite this he was the leader at the first timing point at Glen Helen but by the time he came into the pits for repairs he was in fifth place and unfortunately had to quit. 

Final podium positions were: Nigel Moore who took the MGP SuperTwin title with 1:22.09.61 – (110.214mph) from Michael Sweeney 1:24.00.73 – (107.784mph) and Brian Mateer coming in third 1:24.28.55 – (107.193mph).


It was  Ross Johnson who claimed the Lightweight title at the Isle of Man this year. The Lightweight race, which ran concurrently with the SuperTwin race, started with an early lead of 13 seconds from Alistair Haworth. However things began to look up for Johnson when Haworth retired at the Bungalow, leaving Johnson to take the lead position.

Johnson duly finished as the winner with an overall race time of 1:27.44.87 but had a tense wait of almost five minutes before Tim Sayers finished in 1:27.47.09 for his victory to be confirmed on corrected time. Adam Jones with 1:29.43.59 – (100.920) took the final podium place.

And then the lucky winners got to be garlanded by Wemoto's Sam Carpmael!

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