Wednesday, 22 August 2012

ManxGP practice the story so far...

Due to the weather, following the Isle of Man's terrible wet summer, things have been a bit slow to get under way for the Grand Prix practice race week - here's how its looking so far... 


It all started so well on Monday - almost an on-time start and weather looking as good as could be expected with fair conditions so far on the Mountain Course.

Unfortunately though that promise of clear weather did not hold up and the fog closed in and thickened up almost as soon as the opening lap had started until visibility was down to about 15 metres.

Sadly because of the low visibility and dangerous blustery conditions the riders were only able to get one lap under their belts before the session was pulled at the Grandstand by the Clerk of the Course Phil Taubman. However a little after 7.30 he let the second session leave but the riders could only ride to Parliament Square where they were then escorted over the mountain through the fog by marshals in a speed controlled session - better than nothing though and the short lap does count as a qualifier.

Dan Kneen on ’85 Suzuki XR69′s and John Barton on his ’85 Suzuki GSXR managed their Classic Superbike session while Ryan Farquhar, Olie Linsdell, Alan Oversby and Chris Palmer all went out in the Classic 500cc session.

Altogether a pretty frustrating evening following the lack of practice on Saturday but things began to look up on Tuesday and at last they were able to get going and get some bendy Isle of Man miles under their belts.


Last night the Manx Grand Prix practice week finally had good weather and some of the practices were at last able to take place without being rained or fogged off!

In the Superbike practice it was Ryan Farquhar who reigned supreme on his Suzuki XR69 clocking up a lap speed of 107.560mph which left him ahead of the other contenders. Michael Dunlop and wemoto sponsored Manxman Dan Kneen will have to catch him up next week in the real deal.

The riders in the 500 Classic class which had been curtailed due to  fog on the mountain on Monday night, finally got a chance to have a full practice session on Tuesday and Olie Linsdell came out fastest.

Practice will continue on Wednesday evening (that's tonight) at 18.20 BST.  The weather forecast for today is mainly dry and bright with just a few little showers flying in on the west/south west wind and it is about 17C so quite pleasant really. Enjoy it if you are there!

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