Thursday, 23 August 2012

Manx GP practice - Conditions are good!

The outlook was good for Wednesday!


Oh yes! Finally, predominantly good conditions reigned all round the track ahead of Wednesday's Manx Grand Prix practice, only marred by some little damp patches on the road, but nothing compared to the fog and boulders of previous days!  Not surprisingly there was a little cross wind at - you guessed it - windy corner, but it would be almost disappointing if there wasn't with a name like that!

Classic Superbike Session



Classic Superbike riders were able to opt for the earlier sessions, as the speed differentials were minimal, so Michael Dunlop and Andy Lawson got the sessions going - with Ryan Farquhar posting the fastest time to Glen Helen with an average speed of 120.449mph.  Unfortunately though, the session had to be red flagged at 6.45pm so that Adam Nix, a newcomer who had crashed at Sarah's Cottage, could be taken to hospital - happily he was reported as being conscious after the accident.

Once the session was restarted Jamie Coward achieved the two fastest times of the week on his 600cc Yamaha with 119,530mph and 116.410mph. These put him firmly ahead of Irishman Wayne Kirwan (115,796mph) Mike Minns (113,663mph) and Stephen McKnight from Dromore in the Junior class with an average speed of 112,572mph


Can't beat the  Classics

Russ Mountford came out fastest In the Classic machines class with a time of 112,447mph, but Wemoto sponsored Marks Bloom racer Dan Kneen (110,360mph) and Wemoto sponsored John Barton (108,830mph) both posted great times.


The newcomers were managing good times too, Sweden's Bjorn Gunnarsson achieved a very respectable 107,970mph, Dean Roberts 106,940mph and Antrim's John Simpson of Spitlath Redmond posted his fastest time of the week with 106,6mph on his Triumph 675.

Speedy SuperTwins

Ulster'sTrevor Fergusson nipped up to the top of the SuperTwin session with a recorded speed of 106,8mph.

The evening practice session tonight, Thursday 23rd, will be starting at 6.20pm for Senior, Junior, SuperTwin and Newcomers A, while the Classic, Classic Superbike, Junior Post Classic, Lightweight and Newcomers B&C are due out at 7.05pm.


And the weather is looking 'moderate or good'!

Here is the shipping forecast for the Isle of Man for the next couple of days - doesn't look too bad - just ignore that 'occasionally poor' bit, they're just being a little pessimistic!

24 hour forecast from 12 noon Thursday 23rd:
Southwest 4 or 5 backing southeast 3 or 4.
Sea State
Slight or moderate.
Occasional rain.
Moderate or good, occasionally poor later.
Outlook for the following 24 hours:
Southeast 3 or 4 backing east 4 or 5, then backing north or northwest 5 or 6 later.
Sea State
Slight or moderate.
Rain at times.
Moderate or good, occasionally poor.

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