Friday, 3 August 2012

How to have an adventure

Lois Pryce - get on your bike and ride...

Here is another inspiring story of someone who goes out on a motorcycle and has proper good old-fashioned adventures! Lois Pryce (recently featured with the legendary Ted Simon on Excess Baggage on Radio 4) started out by getting her motorcycle licence and then, determined to start at the beginning, acquired a 650cc 1963 BSA.  After an initially bumpy ride, Lois gained mastery of her BSA and, like a broken brumby, it came to trot faithfully along and do what it was told. From then on her love of motorcycling grew, evolving into an insatiable desire to go off on a bike and have adventures.  So she did and has written all about them...


Suiting the action to the word

So, being a woman with an adventurous soul, Lois gave up the day job and her home in London and took a leap (or a ride) of faith out into the big wide world and set off for Alaska on her motorcycle.

Ushaia or bust

Her first trip, in 2003, was from Anchorage, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina no less - and her first decision was which bike to choose.  After some deliberation, and taking the terrain and the size and weight of the bike into consideration, she chose a Yamaha XT225 Serow and off she went. Needless to say she had an amazing and extreme trip which you can read about in her book 'Lois on the Loose'.

Under African skies

Since then she has travelled the world solo on her bike, and has written a second book about her African trip from London to Cape Town called 'Red Tape and White knuckles'. Her books are honest and engaging, full of the colour and intensity of solo riding through difficult terrain, and document her encounters, pleasures and fears along the way.

Anything is possible

It is always inspiring when someone changes their life and just goes out and gets on a motorcycle and does something different and it is nice to be able to read about it - Ted Simon says her books are a 'great read'

if you want to read more or get one of her books then you can check out her website

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