Monday, 27 August 2012

Boys, Toys and Motorcycles

Bonjour Wemotofrance

Nick and his family live in France and run Wemotofrance happily and successfully - here, in the words of the man himself - is a little story about what happened as they prepared to leave Brighton and head off for sunnier climes and a new life in France..

Bye Bye Bike

In the run up to moving to France to become Wemotofrance I had to dispose of my beautiful 2000 mile 2year old Aprilia Tuono.  I put it on ebay and pretty soon got a call from Mike in Luton. He seemed like a very genuine chap and said that he would buy the bike if it was 'as advertised', so I agreed to take it up to him in Luton. I borrowed the Wemoto van from Paul and loaded it aboard.  After the usual eventful journey (tyre blow out on know the kind of thing) I arrived in Luton with my perfect bike ready to do the deal. After checking the bike and documents, and looking happy, Mike asked to take it for a little test drive, just as a formality really, and of course I agreed.

It's a smokin gun...

Fifteen minutes later he reappeared looking worried and said...

"It's got a serious fault, it's chucking out loads of blue smoke from one of the silencers, it must have a problem on one of the cylinders"

I was amazed, I couldn't believe it, the bike was perfect, practically new and had never given even a hint of trouble, but there it was, as we revved the engine, loads of smelly blue smoke poured out of the right hand cylinder!

Mike, who probably thought that I was trying to rip him off by selling him a pup, said

"Sorry, I really can't buy this bike"

Still scratching my head I replied
"I wouldn't buy it either, and I wouldn't even sell it to you running like that!"

A 'spanner' in the works

So, still totally confused, I headed home to Brighton with my bike back in the van and no five grand in my pocket, wondering what the hell had gone wrong inside that engine!

Next day I started the bike up, determined to find out what was wrong with it.  No smoke, more revs, no smoke, go for a spin, no smoke - go a bit further- aah smoke, obviously only there when the engine is nice and hot!

Back at home I decided that it must be a broken piston ring or valve seal or something in the motor, in other words something expensive and time consuming. Knowing that I would have to take the engine apart I gave it one big angry rev-up and noticed that lots of small dark particles were shooting out of the back - the plot was thickening!  The hot sticky particles stuck to the garage door and started to solidify and suddenly I knew what and who had caused the smoke - Freddy Poole - or rather one of his plastic toys!

Three year old Freddy can often be found hanging around Daddy when Daddy is playing Motorbikes in the garage. He has been told off more than once for inserting tools, screwdrivers, spanners, sockets etc into the exhausts of various motorcycles.

On removing the silencer from the Aprilia there it was, the remains of a plastic figure which Freddy had popped down the end of the silencer and which had got jammed deep down inside.  This little figure, which may have been Lego or possibly Playmobil once, was melting and smoking as the bike's engine got hot.

"Freddy," I asked "did you put any of your toys in Daddy's Aprilia?"

"Yes of course I did." he replied "You told me not to put tools there, but the toys live there!"

Ah......that's ok then Fred, mystery solved.

Mike's Bike

Mike enjoyed hearing the story and decided to come down from Luton and buy the bike after all so the story had a happy ending for us, if not for the lego man!

PS - If you have any brilliant motorbike stories we would love to hear them and put them in our news service so email me:

Thank you!

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