Thursday, 23 August 2012

Athena Dragster on the podium!


A few months ago the international Italian-French Athena Parts team began a project to make an Athena Dragster to race on the 150 metre track at the Scooterpower weekend event in Salbris, France on July 21-22nd.  Here's how they got on...

Athena Dragster Specs

The French Italian team really went to work on their machine, adapting it for optimum performance. The bike they built has an aluminium frame and uses an Athena cylinder kit which is a prototype based on a KTM 65 cylinder kit, with a horizontal Minarelli engine. It is fully revised and uses special racing parts to reach 94cc displacement.The Dragster's total weight is 42kg and the current power is 29.5hp - but the team are ultimately aiming for 30hp!

New Ride for a New Rider

The event in Salbris in July was the first outing for the Athena Dragster and it was also the first time the young rider had ridden a Dragster so it was quite an achievement for both of them.

So here's what you have all been waiting for - the result was an amazing very close run 3rd place - just a tad off 2nd - pretty outstanding for a new rider on a new machine!

The team were delighted with the performance of the man and the machine and are going to carry on racing and improving their Dragster until they come in 1st!

The next events in France will be:

Perigueux on 13/14th October

Salbris on 27/28th October

Albi  on 3/4th November

So if you go along look out for team Athena!

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