Tuesday, 31 July 2012

In Search of Greener Grass

Winner Takes All

Entering Deal or No Deal was Graham Field's brilliant idea to win the funding for his ambitious plan to ride to Mongolia on a Motorcycle

Graham, whose day job is working as a handyman fixing bathrooms and kitchens, has always loved motorcycles for as long as he can remember. He had already done some pretty interesting trips under his own steam before chancing his arm on Deal or No Deal so that he could do the big one to Mongolia! Previously he had ridden from Colorado to Alaska, partly on the famous Dalton Highway and to Croatia before that, which he considered to be 'easy' as it was on tarmac roads!

Beat The Dealer

When he applied to the show Graham told Noel Edmonds :

" I wanted to do a journey which pushed the limits and that would challenge myself "

“I thought it was important to do something significant"

After the usual nail-biting Deal Or No Deal programme, with all Graham's travel hopes resting on it, he won the £5,000 he needed and was good to go!

Essex Boy Hits the Road

His first stop was ebay to pick up a Kawasaki KLR650, then he hit the road, setting off from his home in Essex to travel through Sweden, Poland, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, eventually reaching the wild plains of Mongolia.

When he got there he found that his wanderlust was not quelled and he didn't fancy retracing his steps so he just carried on to Vladivostok in Russia, and then South Korea, where he put his tired bike on a boat and headed back himself by plane.

Dear Diary...

Graham has always kept a diary so he says found it easy when he decided to write a book about his travels and his trip to Mongolia. His book is called 'In Search of Greener Grass' and is a personal account of his trip and all his adventures. He says that it is ' an honest account' and, although he 'does have his rants', that is all part of the experience.  His favourite part of his travels was his interaction with the different people he met on his way, once he had broken the ice with his toy monkey 'Monklet'!

The World's Your Oyster

If you want to read Graham's book it is called 'In Search of Greener Grass' and is published by Matador. The man himself recently appeared to sign copies at The Essex Motorcycle Show in Colchester.  It is always inspiring to think that anyone can pop off on an adventure and see the world out there from the seat of a motorcycle.  All you need is guts and a bike and the World's your oyster!

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