Thursday, 28 June 2012

A Ferry Full of Bikes IOMTT

Another Wemoto staff member was at the Isle of Man TT this year - here's her story and some brilliant, very atmospheric photos she took....

How did you get to the Isle of Man TT this year?

I went to the Isle Of Man overnight on Friday night arriving on Saturday in time for the first race day. I travelled on a brilliant ferry full of bikes! Looking over from the side of the ferry once I had boarded, all I could see was a never-ending line of bikes waiting to get on. It looked like far too many to ever manage to board one small ferry! Like a Noah's Ark filled with motorcycles...

Where did you watch the races from?

I had a one great position on Saturday on a hill with a brilliant view of the bikes. On the Monday my position was not so good on a bend but I still managed to see loads.

Did any particular races or riders stand out for you?

I found the sidecar racing amazing, the sidecar riders were all over their machines climbing and leaning and crawling about like monkeys, it just seemed incredible that they could manage to stay on the bikes at such high speeds while moving about so much – very impressive and scary!

The Electric motorcycle racing was also really weird as they came round the bend looking as fast and spectacular as you would expect but there was no sound it was completely silent – not what you expect at a motorcycle race – really interesting to experience.

John McGuiness, of course, was amazing!

What were your highlights?

I really enjoyed all the races as I absolutely love motorcycles but I also had a great time in the town in the evening watching the off-road bike stunt shows, they are incredible!

Would you go again?

Maybe – no rain next time please.

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