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What's in a name?


Even though the name is a bit Star Wars (C-3P0) and not particularly racy, friendly or sleek, the collection of numbers and letters that is its moniker, can't hide the character of the Honda CBR600F once you get to know it.

The Honda CBR600F first appeared in 1987 and remained in production until 2006. During that time this great bike sold close on quarter of a million across Europe and was very popular in Britain due to its really versatile nature. Equally capable of delivering commuters safely to work in the city, navigating rough back roads or, taking its rider to far flung destinations, it proved to be, and still is, a really popular and useful bike. It was even a success in the Supersport 600 class on the track which added to its kudos

Its reputation is that of a user-friendly and responsive motorcycle which, regardless of the experience of the rider, will do what it is told. It is also a comfortable bike with a good riding position and corners really well even in the wet. Its mix of budget with quality has always been an attractive proposition.

Brief family history of the HONDA CBR600F


The original Honda CBR600F was an In-line four-cylinder fully faired sports bike with a liquid-cooled 85hp (63kW) DOHC 16-valve engine, and a six-speed transmission. This bike was last produced in 2006 when sales declined as riders' aspirations changed and they moved on to hard-core sports 600s such as Honda's own CBR600RR. However due to the hole it left in the market when it was discontinued, a new version was released in 2011 which was similar to the Honda HORNET with some extra bodywork. 
The new  bike was a slightly down-tuned version of its bigger brother the CBR600RR (100bhp instead of120bhp) with gentler brakes and a proper dual seat. It still retained the delightful handling of the Honda HORNET with a good blend of stability and responsiveness just like the original CBR600F.

2011 HONDA CBR600F, a few facts:

* Top speed: about 130mph
* Tank range: about 170 miles
* Power/torque: 101bhp @ 12,000 rpm/47.2lb ft @ 10,500rpm
* ABS brakes are standard on this bike

A WEMOTO staff member comments:

'I've never owned one but had a '97 Honda CBR600F as a company
bike for about three months and it was a cracking bike for a 200 mile a day
commute! It was a pleasure to ride, very comfortable, very stable at speed
and had impressive fuel economy. It also had handy grab rails and hooks
for securing loads/luggage on the back. It was much more of a middle
sized "sports tourer" than its big brother the Honda CBR600RR, had higher bars, lower pegs and a lower seat height. It was also very comfortable for the pillion.'

Parts for the HONDA CBR600F are available from wemoto.com

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